Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm a Baltimore Buzz Brigadier!

"Baltimore Buzz Brigade - (noun) A non-military unit consisting of a variable number of awesome bloggers, photographers, and/or social media-ites that take ideas and run with them." - Matt Colly, Visit Baltimore

Some of you may have guessed that I like Baltimore. Being that my Twitter and blog name is BaltimoreGal. And you would be correct!

The peeps at Visit Baltimore, aka Baltimore.org, picked up on that as well and I am now an official member of the Baltimore Buzz Brigade, one of 20 socially savvy people who love this city and are willing to share their feelings with the rest of the world. Now yes, I may be a bad blogger, but I am a good Twitter-er and Facebooker and Foursquarer, etc. so I guess that makes up for it. Plus I'm not one to turn down a party...

Anywho, I'm here to tell you doubters/haters/negators that there is a lot to love about this city and I'm glad to be representing all that. There's a lovely Flickr account that shows some of our members' work here and I'll pass along a photo or two as I can. Here's one of me (middle, in blue) at lunch with some of my lovely and talented fellow buzzers at Mr. Rain's Fun House at the American Visionary Museum. Love those pretzel rolls!

photo by jamesjosephsterne, All Rights Reserved

I'll be telling you more (hopefully more often) as time goes by. Stay tuned, sweeties!


  1. You're awesome, Baltimoregal. Very cool.

  2. That is fantastic! I am also a Baltimore girl myself (born and raised, and still living here!) and couldn't love it any more than I do!

    Check me out at http://blonderecession.blogspot.com/

    I would love to arrange a Bmore blogger meet-up (although have no clue how to go about doing that...)


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