Friday, February 29, 2008

99.9% « The Website of Unknowing

99.9% « The Website of Unknowing

Thanks to DiSnazzio for showing me this site! Carl McColman's Blog on "Cafeteria Catholics" (those who choose to be Catholic while differing with the Church on issues of doctrine) was amazing.

“Cafeteria Catholic” and “the cafeteria is closed” are insults, typically used to imply that conscientious dissidents are traitors — disloyal to the church.I find it odd that the traditionalists would dare to accuse others of being traitorous, since Christ suggested that the one who calls another a traitor will answer for it in hell fire (Matthew 5:22).

Meanwhile, statements like “one cannot be 99.9% Catholic” are forms of judgment. So anyone who says something like this appears to be disobeying Christ’s command as laid out in Matthew 7:1.

Definitely check out the rest of the article if you are interested. I found it a relief to read what I somehow knew from a young age, that it's OK to not agree with everything "The Church" tells you, that you can believe it's a good thing without believing everything they say, that the sum outweighs its parts.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My baby goes under the knife- on tv.

This was definitely the most interesting Valentine's I'm likely to ever have (since I'm not particularly fond of the day, single or no)!

Stella got spayed.
You're gonna do whaaat?
Aw hell to the naw.

But as a supermodel!
Well, that's different. I accept.

The Maryland SPCA here in Baltimore City opened a new low cost spay/neuter clinic and she was the "model" pit bull puppy for the procedure- since all their puppies are fixed before adoption they wanted a community pit bull to use as an example.

Now, the fact that she has a heart on her chest, and that she turned 4 months old, all on Valentine's Day?

...and is not afraid to pose nude?

All a coincidence- it's all about who you know and the wonderful man who adopted her mother (a shout-out to Vince C!) knew the Development Director at MD-SPCA and suggested Stella.

More surprising- we ended up being featured on two local newscasts as part of the story: WJZ (CBS) filmed part of her surgery (don't worry, no gross stuff) and WMAR (ABC) was really funny. The opening was also covered in the Baltimore Sun although we weren't mentioned.

The MD-SPCA people did a fantastic job- everyone was so nice and just perfect, really. Stella is doing wonderfully (although cranky that she can't be as active as usual) and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

I can has sticks AND chewies again?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Baby, I'm a Star.


My puppy is a star! (And I am a stage mom.)

The Maryland SPCA is opening a new spay & neuter clinic for low-income eligible pet owners here in Baltimore- hoping that it will encourage owners to get their animals spayed/neutered without as much of a concern for costs. They wanted to use a pit bull/pit bull mix puppy both to educate about the breed and to encourage people to spay/neuter their pit bulls and other popular "city dogs". Since they spay their puppies before adoption they were looking for one in the city still needing to be spayed- and my sweet Stella fit the bill.

Not only will my puppy with a little heart on her chest be celebrating Valentine's Day by getting "fixed" but I just realized that the 14th will be Stella's birthday (4 months old!) That is a whole lotta coincidences, yes?

Stella's Heart

If you (or anyone) is interested, there are pictures of her here (lots of new ones):


Who knows