Friday, February 29, 2008

99.9% « The Website of Unknowing

99.9% « The Website of Unknowing

Thanks to DiSnazzio for showing me this site! Carl McColman's Blog on "Cafeteria Catholics" (those who choose to be Catholic while differing with the Church on issues of doctrine) was amazing.

“Cafeteria Catholic” and “the cafeteria is closed” are insults, typically used to imply that conscientious dissidents are traitors — disloyal to the church.I find it odd that the traditionalists would dare to accuse others of being traitorous, since Christ suggested that the one who calls another a traitor will answer for it in hell fire (Matthew 5:22).

Meanwhile, statements like “one cannot be 99.9% Catholic” are forms of judgment. So anyone who says something like this appears to be disobeying Christ’s command as laid out in Matthew 7:1.

Definitely check out the rest of the article if you are interested. I found it a relief to read what I somehow knew from a young age, that it's OK to not agree with everything "The Church" tells you, that you can believe it's a good thing without believing everything they say, that the sum outweighs its parts.


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