Friday, February 8, 2008

Baby, I'm a Star.


My puppy is a star! (And I am a stage mom.)

The Maryland SPCA is opening a new spay & neuter clinic for low-income eligible pet owners here in Baltimore- hoping that it will encourage owners to get their animals spayed/neutered without as much of a concern for costs. They wanted to use a pit bull/pit bull mix puppy both to educate about the breed and to encourage people to spay/neuter their pit bulls and other popular "city dogs". Since they spay their puppies before adoption they were looking for one in the city still needing to be spayed- and my sweet Stella fit the bill.

Not only will my puppy with a little heart on her chest be celebrating Valentine's Day by getting "fixed" but I just realized that the 14th will be Stella's birthday (4 months old!) That is a whole lotta coincidences, yes?

Stella's Heart

If you (or anyone) is interested, there are pictures of her here (lots of new ones):

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  1. She is SO cute! Those pictures are adorable. You are smart to put sweaters on her while she's young so she'll be used to them. I didn't do it, and when I finally bought Jake a coat last year when I put it on him you would think the dog was being tortured. He just stood there, legs all stiff and straight out, and would NOT. MOVE. He just stared at me like "Why are you doing this to me?"

    Puppies are the best aren't they?!?!?


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