Friday, July 23, 2010

SHAME ON YOU, Maryland Retailers Association

Why? Oh, because they compared a "living wage" bill (approximate increase= $2.00 per hour) to THE HOLOCAUST.


Here's the text of the email I sent to the Maryland Retailers Association. I suggest you do something similar in your own words.

I was seriously offended by Jeff Zellmer's statement that the Baltimore "living wage" bill would be "a Holocaust for the retail industry." Not only is that an egregiously inflated  statement AT BEST but degrading and horrifying to the millions that suffered (as well as those who survived) one of the most devastating episodes in our world's history. Your group should apologize immediately.

Regardless of your feelings about this bill, that kind of talk should not go unchecked.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Help the Hamilton Crop Circle

So they don't need much, but they are doing SO MUCH:

The Hamilton Crop Circle's mission is to provide fresh organic produce to local businesses, and integrate young people into the sustainable practices related to growing organic produce to promote a peaceful lifestyle.

They've done an amazing job with very little- mostly volunteer sweat and giving of themselves- but with a little bit of help from a few more people they could make a huge difference in this city. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gutter Magazine's Happy Hour

Writer? Editor? Blogger? Photographer? Next Martin Scorsese

Chill out with your fellow media types and meet new ones at Gutter's Media Maven Happy Hour @ the Windup Space (North and Charles) on July 14th from 5-8.

Drink specials include $3 Sierras, $3 Gin and Tonics and $3 Rapiers! 


Who knows