Friday, June 26, 2015

This is such an awkward post.

I am not, not, NOT asking for comments or likes or even sympathy but I feel like I've withdrawn from the world and I don't want people to think I quit on them or don't care about events or causes.

Please don't feel like you have to spend time talking to me about this later unless you really want to for your information/sake.

I'm having a real problem with chronic pain. It's only partially diagnosed, so we'll see what comes next. It's keeping me from doing the things I want to do, including go to local events. I have to be careful about all the things I used to do, as well. It's been coming on for a few years, in retrospect.

First I cut down on my volunteer stuff, then I stopped it.
Then I quit going out so much.
Then it got worse so I started going to doctors and taking mild daily pain medication.
In the last few months, it's escalated sharply- I'm taking a narcotic medication in order to keep going. (Not really helping my brain, understand.)

I'm handling things though. Keeping up with day to day with the help of my wonderful husband @Rayners who helps me more than I can explain- plus he always makes me laugh! Plus my wonderful Stella provides many snuggles. So we'll continue to try figure out the medical stuff, and then move on from there!.

So, you know, that's it, I guess. Going to try and get back to work now. At least it's Friday...

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