Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My email to MD State Sen. Brian Frosh on his irresponsible comments about "dangerous" pit bulls

My email to Brian Frosh (cc'd Md Sens & Reps Lisa GladdenNathaniel T. OaksSamuel RosenbergJill P. CarterHeather MizeurDoug Gansler, and my Balt City Council Rep Nick Mosby:

Senator Frosh,

I was very upset and disappointed to read of your comments in the Daily Record [“Frosh: It’s a ‘to-die-for job,’” Jan. 2, 2013]. 

As a person who researches information for a living, I find it truly appalling that you would make such a rash and unsupported statement such as “These dogs are more dangerous than other dogs.” I have been a volunteer at BARCS Animal Shelter for a number of years now and have worked with THOUSANDS of what you refer to as “these dogs” and know what you say is not the case as I have never been harmed or in danger from any “pit bull” type dog. Not only that, there have been numerous studies showing that breed is not only incredibly difficult to determine but also not a determinant of aggression- by well-respected groups such as the CDC, the American Veterinary Association, the American Temperament Test Society, and Maddie’s Fund.

I quote the local 501c3 B-More Dog here when I say: All dog owners should be held to the same standard, regardless of breed. All dog bite victims should have equal legal recourse. To single out "pit bulls" is unfair to other victims. There is still a problem of identifying IF a dog is a "pit bull" since there is no dog breed called "pit bull" and no reliable way to make the determination. Fear and hysteria are not a sound basis for making public policy.

I ask you visit my personal blog and read a piece I wrote last a little over a year ago responding to fear, hysteria and misinformation about dog attacks. I think you will find it well-sourced and based on facts. Please note I wrote it long before you had to deal with this issue: Let Me Tell You About The NCRC. I’ve attached a PDF for your convenience as well.

I hope you will reconsider your statement and your stance before further damage is done to Maryland families.


Ann R. Coleman

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