Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Smiling Faces of Ignorance and Hate

I was appalled this morning when I read about the latest twist in the Constance McMillen story.

A judge ruled she had the right to attend her school's prom with her girlfriend. So what was done? Oh, they held a FAKE PROM and only told her and a few other students, while the "real prom" went on at another location, organized by the enlightened parents of her classmates. There are pictures of the real prom here. See the smiling faces of ignorance (at best) and hate?

Great job, Itawamba County Schools, on preparing your children for the real world. Let's hope they never have to leave your county's borders and deal with it.

"you, the people of Fulton, Mississippi - you are the worst people in America"


Who knows