Monday, February 23, 2009

Found- a Wonderful Dog That Needs a Home

Fellow friends of dogs and/or Baltimore people,

Let anyone who might be interested know that I found an absolutely gorgeous, fantastic dog on the streets this past Saturday and that he will be available at BARCS on 2/25.

He is a pit bull, a blue/grey brindle with hints of light brown (such a beautiful color) and green-grey eyes, and he also still has his full ears and tail. He is very thin but otherwise in great condition. Oh, and he knows "Sit."

He is just SO well-behaved! Totally sweet, playful, docile. Loves ear & butt-scratches, and gives nuzzles and little teeny kisses. I found him in our back alley and he came right in our yard! He was a little nervous at first but played with both me & my brother Pat after only a minute.

He also played with my pit/lab Stella and let her beat him up a while before I called it off because I was worried about him, being so cold & thin.

He was wonderful in the car when I took him to BARCS- rode perfectly and quietly with no fuss. And not a peep the whole time.

If I wasn't moving to a smaller place (with my dog) that already had other dogs this weekend I wouldn't even have let him go. I cried when I left him and I think Pat almost did. This boy deserves a great home.

Anyone can email me if they want to know more about him!


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